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This is an article about the character in the game "School Day." For Albert's version, see Mathteachingisfun (Albert's Version).

MathTeachingIsFun is a character who is based on the one from i made a disturbing Roblox school game... where Albert made an account called Mathteachingisfun. Then a Roblox Myth named Sch1z made an actual game called "School Day" based on it.

"Yer a devil, A DEVIL!"-Demoman[]

She may be the main antagonist in the entire Su Tart series.


The Albert / Flamingo MEME REVIEW[]

Albert plays the "School Day" game. In the game, Albert is a student, goes to his class and meets his teacher. The Teacher asks a few math questions, and Albert purposely answers them wrong. After the teacher gives a break, Albert goes to the bathroom, finds a bunch of blood and decides to go back to the class.

MathTeachingisFun asks two more questions, which Albert answers correctly, and the teacher becomes a demonic creature, speaking in code and saying Albert is a good student. He then wakes up in the school hall and goes back to the class. He answers a few more questions, the teacher becomes a demon again saying "I'm tired of you not listening, look at what you've done, enough is enough" and the game ends, with a line from an unknown person saying "you know you didn't have to hurt her so badly...".