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"MAN UP" - Flamingo

The Man Face, is a Roblox face that became the first Flamingo meme in 2021. It became a meme due to look of the face, and with many noobs wearing it.


The Man Face was a face that was created on July 26, 2012, as a part of the man bundle. It was originally sold for 100 Robux. However, it was only able to be bought separately during a glitch where one person got it, while the rest were unable to access the page. Its original name was "Johnny Face" and was later changed to Man face due to the release of the Man bundle.


  • The face is frequently used by trolls and scam bots in games, and has become somewhat of an icon in Roblox meme culture.
  • There are two unused versions that were used for testing its height. One of them was incorrectly uploaded as a mesh.
  • This is the fourth face to become a meme on Albert's channel. First was Chill, second was Winning Smile, and third was Check It.
  • The Face had it own game call Manly Infection.
  • The Man Face was worn in a short raid in Da Hood and a longer raid in The Streets.