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What do you shot someone

Madmaxxxx007, also known as max is a character who appears in I made him Roblox ADMIN... then he betrayed his family


His first appearance is when he spots Sad Person is looking sad and geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN, as Happy person, is talking to her. Max decides to walk up to her and ask if she is okay. She replies, "no," while Happy person says, "yes", and Happy person shoots off Sad person's arm and legs as Sad person says she has no family. Max proceeds to call Happy person a killer and a shouter. Happy person objected since Sad person was still alive, but she reset. Happy person said that Sad person died for unrelated reasons. Happy person promises to max when Sad person returns, and Happy person shoots her limbs off again. Max then asks, "what the hell is wrong with you," to Happy person. Max then accidentally says both he and Happy person shot Sad person, which Happy person agrees to, and then is given a gun by Happy person, and he proceeds to shoot at Happy person. Happy person tries to ask Sad person for help to which she replies that she doesn't care and walks away. Happy person accepts her fate and dies.

Happy person returns to watch over Max, while the previously Sad person has transformed into Mad person, and then into Happy girl. While celebrating with Happy girl, the ghost of the previously Happy person gave Happy girl a gun. Max ran away, and Happy girl decided to die once again in the ocean. Max realizes he has a gun again and decides to go after a family in the blue house, who are actually demons. The ghost of happy person breaks the window open so he can kill the family. Max then attends Mrtop53345dddffr's party seemingly accidentally and goes after the demon family again. However, Happy girl also attended the party and began to witness Max's crimes. It was then that Elise, the mother of the demon family, explained that Max had taken her window and had been rude to them. Happy girl then joins the demon family which angers Max causing him to say "How to the no." Elise and Max proceed to argue when Elise receives a gun from the ghost of a Happy person and attempts to use it to end Max. Happy person becomes a voice in Max's head telling him that this is why he shouldn't let power consume his morals and that he is now alone forever more. Max eventually is murdered by Elise and when he respawns he quickly redesigns his avatar. Max tries to hang out with the family, but they want nothing to do with him, eventually loosing his legs. In due course, Happy girl becomes fed up and tells Max to die. She even tries to kidnap him before transforming into Mad girl. Happy person tells Max that he must apologize, resulting in him acting negatively. Max is attempting to turn the blame onto Mad girl, but the truth is that he is responsible for putting himself in this situation.

After Albert left the server, he returned 20-30 minutes later and saw Max chasing Sad girl, who was previously Mad girl.


"You OK"

"What's wrong"

"You are killer"

"What do you shot someone"

"You shouter"

"No you kill somebody"

"You sure"

"You make that a problem"


"What the hell is wrong with you"

"We just shot the arm and leg off"

"You shut her arm and leg off"


"You're a happy girl"

"You take that down yourself"

"How to the no"

"Hell no"


"The hell"

"Because of you I'm gonna die"


  • He is REALLY bad at spelling to the point where he can say something completely different than what he wanted to say.
  • He may be hypocritical as he scolds Happy person for shooting Sad person, but attacks another family with a gun.
    • He may have had a reason to kill them that was off screen but we do not know.
  • It is unknown where Sad girl and his relationship is at right now.