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Maddieg432 is a Roblox player whose house was broken into (by Albert) and then was continuously forced to listen to Albert's saxophone, was shot at multiple times (and died), was set ablaze from a flamethrower, got their leftover chicken eaten, and was further traumatized.


Maddieg432 uses the Linlin bundle, wears a beige sweater and black wetsuit pants.


in MAKING ROBLOX ROLEPLAYERS ANGRY, Albert broke into their home, and in self-defense, Maddieg432 was forced to whip out their handgun. They then tried to shoot, but, Albert, with his quick thinking skils; decided to keep going behind Maddieg432 whenver they moved, and thus they became immobile. Although, with Maddieg432's multiple attempts to shoot Albert, they managed to get him down to half health. Back outside, when Albert whipped out his saxophone once again, Maddieg432 turned around and started to shake from Albert's mind-blowing tunes (in which Albert mistook them for dancing) and then proceeded to immediately turn back around with their handgun pointing at Albert's previous location. Albert kept insisting that Maddieg432 and him were friends, in which they declined. Albert then decided to take a nap on their bed. In which Maddieg432 tells them to get off. Albert, who was actually fully awake at the time, decided to whip out his shotgun and shoot Maddieg432. A leftover chicken leg was found from Maddieg432's dead corpse, and Albert ate it, but regretted it soon, because he thought it was a leg from a human and thus considered cannibalism. Maddieg432 came back, and still insisted on trying to shoot Albert. Albert then lied and said he was hacking, in which Maddieg432 believed and called him a cheater. Albert once again shot them with his shotgun. Maddieg432 then proceeded to lock their door, so Albert couldn't break in. Albert still broke in, by breaking through the house's window and landing on the bed. Albert then went number 2 in Maddieg432's toilet. Albert had trouble getting out of the house, until he realized he could just teleport out. Maddieg432 thought that Albert was still in their home, and was too scared to enter. When Maddieg432 realized Albert wasn't there anymore, they took a nap to clear their mind of what just happened. Suddenly, Albert appears out of nowhere and starts playing the saxophone once again. Maddieg432 tells Albert they're "obsessed", and Albert proceeded to take pictures of Maddieg432. Maddieg432 was trying to enter their car, when suddenly, Albert took out a flamethrower and blew it up (along with Maddieg432). Maddieg432 was sitting on the toilet, when Albert appeared and stared at them through their window. He proceeded to take even more pictures of Maddieg432. But yet, somehow, Albert forced his flamethrower through the wall and set Maddieg432 on fire. Albert then proceeded to become friendly, by complimenting Maddieg432 eating fried chicken, and telling them to smile for the camera. In which Maddieg432 said that he was bothering them. Maddieg432 then proceeded to insult Albert by telling him they knew he had no friends. Then asked how old he is, and called him a loser. Albert told Maddieg432 he is 43 years old. Maddieg432 then told Albert they were not friends. Albert did not like that, and so he took out his shotgun once again and shot at Maddieg432. They managed to escape into their car and try to defeat Albert by trying to run him over. But to no avail. Albert then set both the car and Maddieg432 on fire with his flamethrower once again. Later on, saw another beautiful, but unemployed woman, and so Albert told her to go get a job. Finally, Albert asked if they were friends now, in which Maddieg432 finally agreed.


- They are one of the main characters Albert tortures in MAKING ROBLOX ROLEPLAYERS ANGRY.