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MadCoolguy456 was a Roblox player who was named Jeff in the Survivor video with Albert and Kaden.


MadCoolguy456, known as Jeff, was able to join Team Fumi with gay (ReignbowDJ), your mum (GiveJisooChicken), BROSKI (RyeRye_Toast30), and WICKED (Wicked_defined). Although originally wanting to be the leader, he settled in being the son/brother of gay. After losing in the second challenge, he proposed to vote your mum out, which gay had yelled in disagreement, which Jeff soon went against. BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox had decided to vote on Jeff, as sacrificing one of their kind in a demonic ritual kind of thing. ReignbowDJ said that Jeff was his brother and father, although Jeff then said, "yes papa", which makes the family tree very confusing. During the votes, Jeff voted on BROSKI, but the brothers got two votes on Jeff, which he questioned who did that. Chip (SoccerStar794047) and Jeff were tied in votes, but Chip quickly left the game in fear, meaning Jeff was the only person they could vote out. After his vote, the brothers chanted, "KILL JEFF", making your mum very sad. After that, he stayed in the game for a while in the jury, until he left the game during the last challenge.


  • In the game, he wore black clothing and had a Felipe head, implying him to be a Flamingo Fan, which the brothers implied it as a sacrifice of one of their own. He only appeared in this video (unless he appeared in another video, which I'm not aware of).
  • He currently wears the Noob Attack - Mech Mobility Left Leg and Right Arm, with Skeleton Right Leg and Left Arm. He also has the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People, as well as a mask, with an OK BOOMER necklace. He also has on a certain shirt (can't figure it out), and a Spider Cola shoulder accessory.


  • "vote jeff"
  • "cuz im gay"
  • "GAY GANG"
  • "single sister snap"
  • "yes papa"
  • "she ####### ## ###"
  • "NOO"
  • "i voted broski"
  • "WHO"
  • "NO WHY"


  • As of today, madCoolguy456 had changed his username to FallinqKarin, as well as putting a display name of: evil.
  • He is the current owner of The Bro Bro Bangers! He is also a member of the Flamingo Fan Club.

His current avatar.