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MSNlord is a retired member of the Grocery Gang Roblox Myth Group.


Not much is known about his personality, but just like 74j and other Grocery Gang myths, he seems to be interested in MISSING_INVESTIGATOR, as he asked Albert if he knew any information about him. Unlike other workers, MSNlord actually seems to enjoy working at Filthco!. MSNlord also speaks in bad grammar.


MSNlord is one-time myth that appeared in the Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me... video. In the video, he interacted with Albert a few times while he walked through the store. Filthco kept calling him "cute" through the video, while Albert wished for him to die. According to Filthco, his job at the store was to place stocks.

On June of 2020, MSNlord left the Grocery Gang group and became a retired myth.