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MISSING_INVESTIGATOR is the most mysterious member in the Grocery Gang group. He is currently on the "Delivery" rank and he is know for creating the "PICASSO" character and researching about the Vending Machines just like 74j.


I went to Roblox's creepiest wedding...[]

Albert mentions him while saying Grocery Gang added weird members. He plays MISSING_INVESTIGATOR game "Abandoned Offices" and encounters with PICASSO.

Roblox's creepiest group tried to hide this from you...[]

MISSING_INVESTGATOR sends Albert private messages saying that he found several Vending Machines, but also warns that he doesn't know how to activate them, and this leads Albert to investigate.

Later on the "missing.wmv" game, Albert finds a cave with a password. After many tries, he gets it right, the door for the cave opens and he finds the body of MISSING_INVESTIGATOR, along with a code (321-06).

Albert then decies to play MISSING_INVESTIGATOR's second game, and after joining, his character changes to the Investigator's avatar, but all he was able to do in the game was walk through the Office.

Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me...[]

In this episode, Bricky_Little reveals to 74j that MISSING_INVESTIGAOR died in a car crash while trying to find picasso. It is also revealed that Bricky_Little was there and experienced it.


  • For some reason MISSING_INVESTIGATOR made a copy of one of 74j’s games, Make a Friend, but the VIP Servers are only 25 Robux and there are no badges, his version of the game.
  • Strangely enough, his About section on his profile reads "Yo Mama So Ugly".