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Taken summer, 2023

Rare luke sighting

LukeIsBoss15 was a random player who made an appearance in an AlbertsStuff video called "TALENT SHOW IN ROBLOX (EMBARRASING)"

After that video, he was never seen or heard of again. It is rumored that he has passed away due to lung cancer.


  • (4/5/2024) In his new avatar, He is seen wearing the doge hat with black antlers, a dog on his right shoulder, a bandana, a basket carrying a dog on his back, a doge card on his hip, a pendant on his neck, and military leggings.
    Lukeisboss15 2024

    (His avatar, 2024)


  • His youtube channel is Lukeisboss15.
    Luke The Host with Dima

    Luke The Host with Dima

    He was the host for Dimalasas3464 and asked for her name and talent.
  • He weighs approximately 674 pounds, Which is considered morbidly obese. (CONFIRMED)


Lukeisboss15 2017

(His avatar, 2017)