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"No insults of bacon for me"

- LuisGame799 to Kidscursing

LuisGame799 is a Roblox user who first joined on September 19, 2018, only to appear one of Albert's videos, "This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/" on March 31, 2019.


He was initially shown with his hair as the Red Whoosh with Headphones, alongside wearing the Doge Scarf. At first, he got Alberts attention by referring himself as a pro, and mentioning his opponents lack of robux. Albert finding this amusing, mimics what Luis is saying, finding it funny. As Luis refers his opponent to a "rat of minecraft", an audience member, Bacon_Man9990 states that "minecrast sucks" causing Albert to laugh even more. Eventually, Luis loses the match to Kidscursing, with Albert being disappointed with the outcome. He is not mentioned after this, as he is just seen in the audience before Albert decides to leave.



  • LuisGame799 was behaving like a stereotypical sad story bully.
  • LuisGame799 has a YouTube channel, being called "The Luider33." It is also revealed that he speaks Spanish. Although it is unknown what country is he from.
  • Some people believe that Albert got the name "Luisgamercool23" from LuisGame799.

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