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"Our actions are stronger than any words I could provide" -LucaStar

LucaStar was one of Albert's accounts which debutted in ROBLOX SANATORIUM.


Luca first wakes up in an island cave to begin his journey to a Sanatorium. On his way to the cave exit, he meets Yamaha and Subaru, a japanese couple. Yamaha noticed Luca and thought he was a local, thus asking for his guidance to the Sanatorium. Although he wasn't familiar with the island at all, he lead the couple anyway. As Luca and the couple get into a boat, Yamaha reveals to Luca that she and Subaru were looking for their transgender daughter, Alv, who escaped from a facility they sent her in.

It gets dark and they finally reach the Sanatorium to see Alv at the front desk, working as a nurse. Luca watched as Yamaha and Subaru confronted her, until his vision became blurry. His vision came back to normal and he sees a nurse calling him to the dorms, before she was carried away by spirits. Alv hits and carries Subaru away and Luca is told to save him by a desperate Yamaha. Luca became lost and eventually the lights turned off - it was bedtime. Luca finds Alv along with other nurses who sent him to the dorms. He finally finds a dorm for himself after being chased by a few cannibals. Yamaha finds Luca in his dorm and was let in. Yamaha begun to ask him about Subaru and complained about him leaving her. Subaru and her were finally reunited after he had found their dorm. An alarm goes off and they head to the Santorium's bunker due to a cannibal outbreak. As morning came, they were let out from the bunker. Yamaha and Subaru begun to pressure Luca to help them find Alv as she couldn't be seen around. Luca became stressed and told them to have breakfast before thinking it through.

The owner of the group Divine Sister, Valindra, arrives at the Sanatorium and leads everyone to the lecture hall, for them to get the holy water. Before the water is given however, Valindra brings Luca on stage to tell a story for the audience. He instead gives a speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Sisters and sisters. We can has can. We can have now. LEt us pray for safety. A moment for holiness. Our actions are stronger than any words I could provide. So Pray. Thank you"

Valindra and everyone who was present loved his speech, which relieved him of his stage fright. At a dorm, Subaru and Yamaha begun to fight because of a hat she was wearing while Luca only watched and stayed out of it. She then became a cannibal as Luca flees the dorm, unable to help and left Subaru to die. As he had nowhere to go for safety, Luca is killed and eaten by a cannibal.

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Luca is shown to be skittish.