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Loomian Legacy is a Roblox game with creatures and mechanics that are very similar to the Pokémon franchise.


If you encounter any bugs in the game, please let us know.


The objective of this game is to catch Loomians, train them and use them in battles against other Loomian trainers. In the start you are able to choose one of seven Loomian starters.

After that, you can train it so it can level up, becoming stronger and learning new moves. There are type advantages, such as bug type which is effective against grass types, but weak against flying types. As long you have capture discs, you can catch any wild Loomian you want, and once you catch the, they will obey you and you will be able to use them in battles. The Loomian moves waste energy and, in order to regain energy, every Loomian has the "rest" and "wait" options.

The Game has villains, enemy Loomian trainers, side quests and gym leaders, which you have to win against in order to progress through the game.

Loomian Legacy is very similar to Pokémon, but with his own original creatures and renamed moves.


  • It took four episodes for Albert to learn how to regain energy.
  • The Creation date is October 16, 2015, because the game was originally Pokémon Brick Bronze.