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Logan Paul (also known as LoganPaulVlog_REAL) is a persona Albert uses for his avatar.


Logan Paul is a web star who gained fame for being the brother of Jake Paul, a rapper who created his hit "It's Everyday Bro." Albert based an avatar off of him which is seen in the picture. Albert used it for thumbnails but it really started when he made I pretended to be a ROBLOX CELEBRITY and hired a security guard... In that video, he plays as Logan Paul on an account called LoganPaulVlog_Real and Kaden plays as his security guard in Bloxburg, where he protects him from fans.


  • Logan Paul is one of the most used characters for thumbnails.
  • He has retextured the Logan Paul design to where it's a character wearing FlimFlam merch and having black hair. (See ROBLOX APARTMENT... or ROBLOX DO NOT LOOK UP...)