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LloydJoe is the bartender at Dan's Diner.


LloydJoe uses the Pastel Brown color scheme with the blocky body parts and uses the Hilarious face with the Elder Animation Package. He has the Brown Hair Dude and wears the Tuxedo shirt and the Tuxedo pants.


During his debut, LloydJoe seems to be a pretty nice person as he greets Albert in his debut. However, things get a little more sinister as the conversation continues and eventually at the end, LloydJoe gets Albert with a jumpscare. His true sinister personality appears in I have to kill the Roblox SMILES FAMILY... as he is seen plotting to kill the kids of RobertSmiles.


LloydJoe is the bartender at Dan's Diner who debuts in The Roblox SMILES FAMILY DINER.. In that video, he has a brief appearance as he serves Albert while him apparently knowing Albert even though they've only known each other since the video. However, Albert and SethSmiles was the only person who could see him and the people around him saw him as crazy for talking to nothing. He appeared again in I have to kill the Roblox SMILES FAMILY... where he appeared along with RobertSmiles, Roy_Joe and DIAM0NDEYES who are all talking to Albert about if he should kill SethSmiles, MatthewSmiles, and ClairSmiles to get Dhyrbfyty back.

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  • He is possibly a relative of Roy_Joe as they share the same last name.
  • He was one of the people that died in the gas explosion which was part of the backstory to The Smiles Household.