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lizunka99 was a Roblox user who was constantly being killed by Albert with his sword.


lizunka99 was playing Lava Rollercoaster, a cart ride game, when Albert (triangleman23) and Kaden (JQHNNYTEST) arrived in the server. Here, triangleman23 bought the Knife to Kill, which made him the most powerful player in the server, being able to kill anyone he wishes. lizunka99 was most targeted by Albert, soon referencing any death as them being sent to lizunkaland. He used that phrase when killing agusss_sss and JQHNNYTEST (on accident). He stops playing the game while saying, "lizunka, lizunka, lizunka."


Being inactive, she hasn't changed her avatar from when she appeared in the video.

Her avatar consists of the Silly Fun face, the Woman body, Straight Blonde Hair, I <3 Pizza Shirt and Jean Shorts, which all are free.


  • She has been inactive for 2 years.
  • She is most likely around the age of 6-8 when the video was posted.