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littleboywhoisagirl2 was an account Albert used in the video WHAT ROBLOX TEACHES KIDS... (goes wrong).


In the video, littleboy (as called by the people in the video) goes on a couple adventures, the first of which being getting scammed by a random person in Trade Hangout who offers to give them his credit card in exchange for littleboy's password. So littleboy loses all 16 of their robux, but manages to get the account back.

Later on, littleboy goes to Robloxian Highschool in search for more life lessons to learn, and meets a teacher named Miss Dubeil. Miss Dubeil is a dysfunctional woman and hates kids. In cooking class, littleboy ends up befriending a girl named haileyloveshockey. Miss Dubeil ends up dying in the water later on.