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Little Brother (known on Peppa Pig as George Pig) is one of the antagonists of Piggy. He debuted in ROBLOX PIGGY...


Little Brother is one of the antagonists of Piggy made by MiniToon. He acts as the look for the bot mode where an AI controls him. He first appeared in ROBLOX PIGGY... where Albert first played Piggy. Since Albert was new to Piggy, he didn't know what to do in the game but he knew that it was a Granny-like game. As Albert bought a private server, the bot was after him the whole time. Albert died a lot of times due to Little Brother and eventually had to get Kaden to help him. In the end, Albert escaped from the house and beat Piggy. In I played as Roblox PIGGY..., Little Brother reappears as the bot in the game who is paired with a random player who takes on the look as Piggy.