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Limbs is a store created by Albert. Where Albert steals your limbs using Btools. People who lost there limbs need to pay all there money in game to get their limbs back. The shop is built near the lobby of Life in Paradise. The shop is a copy of the 'Store' location.


The employees are armed with building tools to take peoples limbs, some of the employees are, Jen / The Manager/ Albert. LloooPie3Fac / Someone that walked in (Not Actual Employee and is only seen on the video for 5 seconds and is seen in other parts from time to time). JunJie888 is an employee that is seen in the cashier section, and boynik tells Jen that he was being rude to customers, and Jen rips Jun's tail off and uses it for something to sell, And Albert being rude sometimes like he is takes all of Jun's money.