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Lily is the main protagonist of Bully Story by star_girl088 (privated). She appears in roblox sad story.


At first, Lily was a classic acorn hair with white skin. After the makeover, she has a more realistic skin color, blue hair, and a white hat with black floral patterns on it. She has no shirt or pants, but this is likely an error in the Bully Story game since she can be seen wearing a necklace in the thumbnail of the game.


Lily first appears at school, where she is being pelted with rocks in the hallway by Emma, Alice, and Candy. David appears and stops them, and gives Lily a makeover. She goes back to school, and the three bullies don't recognize her, causing her to reveal that she is actually Lily.

The bullies trick Lily into joining their group, disappointing David. However, David hears about the plan to trick Lily. Lily goes to a fake party and finds nobody there, and realizes she was pranked. David runs in to see what happened, and Lily realizes it was a bad idea to try to join the bullies. 16 years later, David and Lily get married and the bullies are sent to jail for stealing a store.