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Life in Paradise[]

Not to be confused with Island Life: Paradise or Paradise Life

"Wait, isn't this his game? Life in Paradise? Yeah this is his game too, isn't it?" - something that Albert said in the video titled, "ROBLOX IS DELETING ADMIN COMMANDS!"

Life in Paradise was a game created by Games_Page, one of Tremity's (The Creator of Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid's) alt accounts. Albert was given admin by Games_Page and would troll on the game, until it got Content Deleted on June 16, 2017. The group, DevRoleplay, was the first to recreate the game but their version was put under review on September 6, 2018. DevRoleplay is only notable for giving YouTuber, Poke, admin commands, not Albert. BannersWorld (originally known as Decabox) was the next person to recreate Life in Paradise. and gave Albert admin. Albert continued to make videos on admin commands trolling before he switched to Island Life: Paradise and another remake of Life in Paradise created by Adopt and Raise Fans, because BannersWorld got banned. BannersWorld was terminated for Botting, Evading, and continuous violations of the Terms of Service. Despite this, it was revealed on Twitter that he hadn't done any of the things mentioned in the termination note. The group, Adopt and Raise Fans recreated Life in Paradise. Albert was once again given admin commands and trolled on the game until he decided that the game had too many admins, and trollers already on it, after that, Albert switched to Island Life: Paradise full-time.

Short Explanation Of Gameplay[]

You will spawn in the center of the map, where there will be four ways to walk out and start playing. You can walk through the baby side, the teenager side, the adult side, and the pet side. Walking through one of them will make you what role you want. For some users, like Albert, there will be owner-admin commands and map-editing for trolling. Sunscreen Eaters often make appearances in this game. The game is disliked by most of the Roblox community.

Game Description (Game_Page Version)[]




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Game Description (DevRoleplay Version)[]


The place to have a family, make friends, buy a house, play games and roleplay. Be a Police Officer, a Doctor, work at Burgerdise and much more!

🐦 Follow the owner on Twitter

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βœ… Join our group for in-game rewards

Recent updates

- ????? ???? ??????, ????? ???????? ? ??? ???, ???? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??!

- New admin commands implemented: Have fun with the newest commands added to our system, like :fly and many others!

- New spanish translations added / Vida en el ParaΓ­so ahora tambiΓ©n en EspaΓ±ol!

Special thanks to...

cSapphire, DevAndrea, menethia, MetaBricks, Wonuf

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Game Description (BannersWorld Version)[]

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Welcome to Life in Paradise, where you can roleplay, buy a house, start a family or meet new people! There's a lot of stuff to do, so why not join the adventure??

What's New?

> πŸ‘• New clothing store!

> ⭐ VIP server owners now have full ADMIN COMMANDS!

Type :cmds to see the list.

> πŸ”“ 3 new badges added!

> 🎬 New cinema added!

> 🌈 4 new admin commands added, including new exclusive Prop morphs! Say :morphs and search for 'Prop' to see the list.

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Game Description (Adopt and Raise Fans Version)[]

🌴 Welcome to Life in Paradise! Live on a tropical island, relax, meet friends, roleplay, buy a house, start a family, and spend your life in paradise with us!

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Please be respectful and kind to each other at all times.

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The Games Current Status[]

Games_Page's Life in Paradise got Content Deleted. After, Albert moved to BannersWorld's version of the game until it also got Content Deleted. After that, Albert moved to Adopt and Raise Fans Life in Paradise and Island Life: Paradise, where he made videos about admin trolling and Ultimate Trolling GUI (UTG) until Island Life: Paradise game was banned in May of 2020. Sometime later, BannersWorld's Life in Paradise got put under review, and it has not been put back up since.

Trivia Section[]

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  • Before using Life in Paradise, and it's many other versions, Albert would make admin commands trolling videos on the game, Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid, created by Tremity.
  • When players join any of the groups previously mentioned in any of the versions of Life in Paradise, they would usually receive special things in those versions of Life in Paradise.
  • BannersWorld's Life in Paradise first appeared in the same Flamingo video that Cleetus first appeared in, ROBLOX... THIS IS SO SAD 😭 😭 😭 😭.
  • Adopt and Raise Fans' Life in Paradise first appeared in the Flamingo video I used Roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store...

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