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Not to be confused with Island Life: Paradise

Life in Paradise was a game by Decabox where Albert made videos on admin trolling before he switched to Island Life because the creator got banned. BannersWorld was terminated for Botting, Evading, and continuous violations of the Terms of Service. Despite this, it was revealed on Twitter that he did none of the things mentioned in the termination note.

He used GeanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN to troll with. He mostly uses this game for admin command videos. (Old Admin Command Videos)


You will spawn in the center of the map, where there will be four ways to walk out and start playing. You can walk through the baby side, the teenager side, the adult side, and the pet side. Walking through one of them will make you what role you wanted. For some users, like Albert, there will be owner-admin commands and map-editing for trolling. Sunscreen Eaters often make appearances in this game. The game is disliked by most of the ROBLOX community.


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Welcome to Life in Paradise, where you can roleplay, buy a house, start a family or meet new people! There's a lot of stuff to do, so why not join the adventure?

What's New? > 👕 New clothing store! > ⭐ VIP server owners now have full ADMIN COMMANDS! Type :cmds to see the list.

> 🔓 3 new badges added! > 🎬 New cinema added! > 🌈 4 new admin commands added, including new exclusive Prop morphs! Say :morphs and search for 'Prop' to see the list.

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The game was open, but the creator was banned. Albert moved to a new game called Paradise Life, where he made videos about the Ultimate Trolling GUI (UTG) until the game got banned in May 2020,

Sometime later, Life in Paradise got put under review, and it has not been put back up since.