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Leo, (full roleplay name Leo/Kind/Single) later known as Ava(Username currently unknown) was a normal roblox player, but shot Ally, and is now a wanted criminal and only appeared in Roblox admin gave noobs WEAPONS to see what they'd do....


Leo is a normal roblox player who participated in the gun experiment, he also managed to get away with it by changing his name and avatar, but later discovered by a player with the information that Albert has given. Aubrey_rose8[1] discovered who Ave's true identity.


Leo is a very smart, stealthy person and managed to get away with it by changing, while Ave is less smarter.


In the video, Albert places a gun inside of Leo's house. Leo picks up the gun, and begins to shoot his girlfriend, prompting Albert to raise the alarms. A message to the server is broadcasted, stating that Leo is dangerous. Leo then panicked, going into hiding. He then disguised himself as a girl named Ava, all the while the server sought him out. The players found out about Ava's true identity, causing him to leave the game.


Leo is a buff roblox player with blond hair, black hoodie, black slacks and black headphones, while Ave has Pink hair, yellow shirt, black skirt, blue mask and white shoes.


  • Leo had a different life before he disturbed the world he has tried to kill
  • Leo's Girlfriend tried to find him but she saw "Ave"



  1. Evidence

    A player that seen Leo change into Ava.