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"Needless get in trouble her friend because She Be Bad She Be Bad today To school If She Be Bad, I should everyday And then she be been, sheep She been school And she got to work And she been seen, seen, other than watching, -Leeblockz"



Leeblockz was a noob that debuted in I made fun of Roblox players while looking THIS UGLY... and was first seen saying some sort of poem


When albert first saw leeblockz it was through her chat messages and later found her and started spamming "and she be and she be and she be". which made her skateboard away.

Albert found leeblockz again in the pool and thus the chase continued which ended at a car and leeblockz and guaymladyepic (albert) drove the car and than later turned it into the she be bad song.


  • Leeblockz is not a good driver
  • As said in the she be bad page she may have been singing she bad or she was talking about school bullies
  • Leeblockz's avatar looks way different from the way it was.


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