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laylay_tolit or Lay is a user that was spotted in I used Roblox admin to MAKE IT RAIN FIRE...


Laylay_tolit (tolit is presumably pronounced tulip) was the first individual to garner attention during the video. She reached out to Sugar, expressing that she wanted to be friends. However, Albert, upon noticing her username, he began teasing by referring to "tolit" as "toilet." Lay promptly corrected Albert, stating it was "toolit." Nevertheless, Albert persisted in using the term "toilet" about her username, prompting Lay to alter her role-play name to Lay. Despite this change, Albert persisted in making toilet-related remarks regarding her username, until Lay retorted with, "like the flower tulet."

Later in the video, she was once again spotted but met her demise at the hands of fireballs.

Subsequently, Albert played "Natural Disaster Survival Natural Disaster," a game that was essentially a knock-off of the original. This replica featured a point system allowing players to access various equipment and accessories to personalize their avatars. While Albert was critiquing Cedar123412's avatar, Cedar then played a melancholy tune on the saxophone, leading to flashbacks of Lay. The video concluded with the phrase "rip toilet/tolit/toolit/tulip."


Lay's appearance in "Life In Paradise" featured her wearing a sleeveless Gucci crop top adorned with the logo in the center, along with a rose motif just below it. She also sported a black-tied choker. Her outfit included black jean shorts complemented by a black and white flannel shirt tied around her waist, all paired with white Adidas Superstar Shoes.

She used to have her black hair tied to the left side. Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to view her avatar.

Her avatar now showcases a woman's face, but she is content deleted.


  • Unlike most people, she only gained around 207 followers.
  • When Albert searched up "Tulet," Finnish metal band "Horna" appeared, with their album "Hengen Tulet." (English: Spirit Fires)
  • Her last badge she got before quitting Roblox was "Welcome to Fart Attack".
  • She only has six friends.