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LaJaylene909 was a Roblox character who was acting very strange on Albert's screen, yet was perfectly normal on Kaden's.


LaJaylene909 appeared in Toy Story 4 Cart Ride (i think) when Albert (triangleman23) and Kaden (JQHNNYTEST) first met her, in which he called her a sunscreen eater. Albert bought the machine gun pass and shooted LaJaylene909. When she died, she remained on Albert's screen, which frightened him when he saw the cart move on its own. According to Kaden, she is still alive on his screen. When they went in the vent part of the cart ride, they spotted her again, in which they proposed to make her a myth. Albert then bought the iPhone gamepass, but when he did, LaJaylene died in his face. He then asked Kaden to share his screen, which showed LaJaylene still alive and jumping around. He yells, "the love of my entire life is DEAD," feeling jealous that Kaden is able to feel the warmth of her presence. They then call her SCP-909, as a myth idea. Later, Albert buys a glow sword pass and tries to kill LaJaylene even though she's invisible to his screen. He fails to do so.


In the video, she took on the form of a sunscreen eater, as said by Albert. Today, she changed her avatar.

She currently has the Belle of Belfast Long Red Hair, the Silly Fun Face, the Serena Shirt, and Black Jeans with White Shoes. She also has the Rthro animations and Woman body.


  • In one of the comments of the video, someone named ZXKVER said that the gun that Albert used had a localscript, meaning that LaJaylene would have died on Albert's screen, but wouldn't have for everyone else.