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Not to be confused with Kyriesqaudkool

KyriesqaudkooI is an account used by Albert in order to troll and accuse Kyriesqaudkool for copying his name.



Albert created an account called Maxgamergirl12 and entered an fashion model game. There, he encountered a female player called Kyriesqaudkool arguing with ginger25ninja and saying silly things like "u love fart and want be noob at everything".

Albert then paid robux to change his username to KyriesqaudkooI, which is very similar to the other username, but with a capitalized i instead of a lowercase L. Albert then accused her of copying his username, making everyone in the game confused. Albert then convinced the two judges that, since she supposedly copied his name, he should win the context. The two judges agreed and Albert started bragging to Kyriesqaudkool about how he cheated and won, and she just said "GET OUT!".