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Kokmo is one of the main characters in "When Roblox noobs try to rap... *embarrassing*". Throughout the video he would continuously claim that his hat was "Big Robux", meaning it was expensive. Albert tried to ask him exactly how much it was, but he didn't respond. Someone else asked Kokmo how much his hat cost and he respond with "1o ooo" meaning it costed 10k robux. Kokmo eventually leaves the server halfway through the video, leaving most of the absurd humour of the video to max15337.


  • Kokmo seems to be from Poland. His display name is a diminutive of the polish name "Kamil". Which suggests that his name is Kamil and that he comes from Poland.


"I'm pro, you mom is poop"

"Boss win"

"my hat is BIG robux"

"1o ooo"


"win men"

"not marshmello loss"

"im no"

"no robux"

"no avatar"