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Knuckles is a sad story character who appears in This Roblox sad story is disgusting.


Knuckles invites Su Tart to a sleepover at his house. The two of them watch Bee Movie, and then they go to sleep. Knuckles eats a magic turkey sandwich that will make him sleep until the next day. Meanwhile, red dress girl, Knuckles' enemy, appears in the house and attempts to murder Knuckles in his sleep. Su Tart thinks she came for the sleepover, and gives her a spare sleeping bag.

Su Tart continues to think red dress girl is friendly until she says she is going to kill him and Knuckles. Su Tart Dad appears and congratulates Su Tart because he thought red dress girl was a new friend of Su Tart. Su Tart calls a group of Waddle Dees to the house to wake up Knuckles, who proceeds to punch red dress girl. Su Tart calls her parents and gets her in time out.