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"i hate cherrysundae260"

- kjr51


kjr51 was a Roblox user who was formerly the girlfriend of sckulldude, as mentioned in sckulldude's video, "my gf's on roblox". She was also, as Albert said, a former TGI Clans commander who had most likely known of Albert's older account, Streety, as he was in the same clan group when he made the video, "Revaik quits TGI (Revolt)" on his StreetyROBLOX YouTube. Since then, she had also left the TGI Clans and joined other army groups, such as Vaktovian Army Korps.



  • Reviak quits TGI (Revolt)

She appeared in the video in her Commander outfit.


She was in the friends list and in the video of "my gf's on roblox", by sckulldude, which she appeared, as the 2009 avatar she is wearing, as one of his girlfriends. Albert sees that she doesn't like cherrysundae260, which was seemingly also one of his girlfriends as well, which Albert commented on it as "actual beef here". After talking about how he knows this player, he says that they most likely aren't together anymore. Albert looks at the YouTube comments and sees that her uncle was here and one of her other boyfriends, saying that others have dated her too.




  • cherrysundae260



  • kjr51 has a Twitter page.
  • Her former boyfriend, sckulldude has a YouTube channel called "sckulldude55able". His account has been terminated.