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"Cause you're grammar ##### ## ####"

- Kidscursing to LuisGame799

Kidscursing is a Roblox user who first joined on March 15, 2019, only to appear one of Albert's videos, "This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/" on March 31, 2019.


He was initially shown to be wearing the classic bacon hair avatar, most likely due to him starting the same month of Albert recording the video. In his match with LuisGame799, he mentions multiple times that his grammar is horrible and that "he talks like a baby", This is ironic due to his lack of grammar and spelling. After this, Kidscursing ends up winning the match, with Albert in disbelief due to LuisGame799 calling him a "no robux noob." After this, for a split second you could see a user called Sav_Chik saying that everyone should vote for LuisGame799 because kidscursing was apparently a throwaway account made for this occasion.


This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/


  • Before he became inactive, Kidscursing was a part of the old I Spy an Alberto group. Proving he is aware that he was in the video.
  • For a split second, you can see Sav_Chik saying that kidscursing was a throwaway account for this occasion. It could be true since the name would imply that he sees kidscursing. He would likely have robux if this was his main. And he went inactive. Howerver this doesn't explain why he joined the I spy on Alberto group. It is still unconfirmed to this day if this was indeed a throwaway account.

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