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kib_fib was one of Spongebob87641’s victims, and is a presumed female user. She appeared in ROBLOX SACRIFICE SANCTUARY…. She sadly lost to spongebob87641, unsurprisingly.


kib_fib has a warm, ivory skin tone and the woman body type equipped. She has a blonde, action ponytail tied with a purple hair band. She has the Err… roblox face, which is an annoyed face looking to the left with a small frown. She has a black necklace and an adidas crop-top with the logo on it and white lines on the left and right of it. She has high, ripped jeans which reaches her top and they have intended holes in them. She has black, medium-length adidas shoes with a few white lines on the sides.


kib_fib was occasionally quiet, and moved around often. One of the only times she talked was with lollol123unicornN209. She was decent at obbies, but lacked a unique personality. Before she was sent down, spongebob87641 sent an ominous message of “you lose”, foreshadowing kib’s downfall. Spongebob rose from the platform, and was dancing indicating he was prideful of winning against kib. Kib was likely killed as spongebob was dancing, which presumably means he thought it was easy to beat against her. Albert tried to chat to spongebob while he was competing, trying to get his attention so kib could win. This unfortunately didn’t happen, and kib died.