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Kazdam (formerly known as The Myth King) is a former Roblox myth hunter most known for his role as owner for Roblox's Myths, a myth group.


Kazdam is known for founding Roblox's Myths which is a group where people search for myths and try to uncover their secrets. Kazdam has appeared with Albert as they uncover some mysteries on Roblox like when he, Albert, and DrMach all chatted with each other and where he joined Kazdam from the dinner meeting at Masqueraze's place.


On August 16, 2020, Kazdam was exposed of his actions of grooming underaged girls. He also abused his girlfriend and was a transphobe and a homophobe. It was also revealed he ran the Roblox Myth account Ulifer. After this, he admitted to his actions and resigned his place as the owner of Roblox's Myths. It is now owned by a person named creamofcrab.


  • While not appearing, Albert has been featured on the Roblox's Myths Podcast once.