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im beautiful on the inside

Karissa92923 was an account Albert created for the video Roblox's "realistic" update... gross.


Karissa92923, or baddie at the time, was a student in Robloxian Highschool who had a burnt looking face. Because of that, she was getting bullied by 2 sisters named Lexi and Mya. Baddie first met them when she sees Mya opening a bag of hot cheetos during class and asks for a cheeto. However, they said no and jeered at her. Class ends and baddie begins talking to herself, venting about her appearance. A boy named Cole overhears her and tells her get plastic surgery before running off and hiding from her. Baddie then gets accosted by Lexi and Mya in a hall who physically assault and ridicule her. Cole then walks in on them and the sisters leave the scene. Baddie helps herself by toying with Cole, pretending he had helped her up and called her pretty. Cole became confused and ran off.

Time passed by and baddie transitions from female to male, now going by chad. His face no longer looked burnt. Chad encounters Mya and Lexi while pretending to be a new student. Mya asked him about baddie and chad pretends that he had pushed his former self into a trash can. The sisters didn't fall for it however as they recognised him. Chad couldn't convince them otherwise so he hid inside a locker. Ibediu4747, a fellow student, sees chad getting bullied by the girls and sticks up for him. He is grateful of ibediu for being there for him when no-one else was. Ibediu would fend off Mya and Lexi everytime they would approach chad. Chad and his new friend then ran from school to get away from the sisters with a car. As ibediu wasn't a good driver, Lexi and Mya reach them. The scene cuts off to chad inside his home, safe and sound.