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"Helllooo my Fumble Family!“
— Kaden's intro for his YouTube channel.

Kaden (born May 8, 1998) (also known as Jokerkid5898 or Kaden Fumblebottom) is the owner of Robloxian Myth Hunters group and creative director and best friend of Flamingo.


Kaden's real-life appearance seems to be at least 5'8 or 5'9 as said in a Q&A by him on his channel. He currently has split-dyed red and white hair (formerly red and black) and also wears glasses and sometimes a hat. In Middle School, his head seemed to be a little wider with glasses and hair slanting to the right. In 2010, he seemed to have blue hair and not have glasses, but this is based on the picture.


Kaden seems to talk in a deep voice, almost mysterious whilst having a somewhat bubbly voice. He also describes himself "weird" as said by a Tweet by himself where he looked at his Middle School self and present self, and it's pretty noticeable he keeps some of these attributes over to his current personality. He also likes to myth hunt as seen by him owning the biggest myth hunting group. He also seems to be an extrovert online as he seems pretty excited in most of his videos and on his Twitter, but this is only online.


Kaden was born on May 8, 1998. He started playing Roblox on November 24, 2010, where he sought popularity when he started up a myth group called "Robloxian Myth Hunters" back in 2011. It is the most popular myth hunting group with over 190K going to 200k.


In February 2019, Kaden got hired at the Flamingo channel to be the Creative Director and new partner to collab with. He also created a YouTube channel called "Kaden Fumblebottom" which has over 440k subscribers as of February 2021. In, How I got Hired at Flamingo (TRUE STORY) Kaden talks about how he got hired at the Flamingo channel. He has also started to collaborate with Albert similar to Jake. The collaborations first started in the video "VERY WEIRD thing happened in this Roblox game...", where Albert introduces the viewers to Kaden. The collaborations continue to this day.

Personal Life

While not much is known about Kaden's personal life, what is known is that he has a girlfriend named Raven which he met in 5th grade. He also mentioned that he originally worked at a health and vitamin store until Albert offered him to help be the Creative Director for his channel, Flamingo.


  • Kaden has a tattoo of him and Su tart that is located on his leg.
  • Kaden originally named his YouTube channel Fred Figglehorn. However, he wasn't able to change the name for six months.
  • He is vegan.[1]
  • Kaden made a test about him called the "Kaden Test", as seen in the video "I took a ROBLOX friendship test... and failed".
  • Kaden has a YouTube channel with the name Kaden Fumblebottom. It has over 700k subscribers as of 8/24/23.
  • Kaden revealed that people thought he was a girl in middle school, as shown by his picture.
  • He owns a fan group on Roblox simply called "Kaden Fumblebottom." (seen in the sixth source)
  • Along with Albert, Kaden has his own subreddit called r/KadenFumblebottom.
  • Fans theorize him to be the person behind the Roblox Myth, G0Z, due to how similar their voices are. Kaden hasn't confirmed or denied this, but he does often make playful jokes regarding the theory.
  • He is pansexual.





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