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Kacperowski2 first appeared in I advertised my FAKE Roblox game... and made it creepy.


Kacperowski2 is noticed by Albert as he speaks about how bad the game is to artemm_07. Albert sees Kacperowski2 stating that he reported the game, so Albert walks up to him and advises him to stop, then sending HarryTheCheeseBandit after him. Kacperowski2 respawns, jumping into the air and exclaiming "why i stop? i will report and report". Kacperowski2 dies off-camera from HarryTheCheeseBandit and respawns once again, continuing his rampage of shouting to everyone to report Albert's game. The same thing happens once more, with Kacperowski2 running from HarryTheCheeseBandit and dying to him. Albert strolls to him, telling him to "TAKE BACK REPORT" the second he gets killed again. Kacperowski2 equips a baby morph while Albert and HarryTheCheeseBandit beg him to take back the report. He runs away behind a house and stops getting chased, eventually leaving off-camera.


  • "thats not a big fund"
  • "and original bloxburg is not crap"
  • "game reported :)"
  • "why i stop?"
  • "i will report and report"
  • "qquick_silverr this is crap"
  • "report this if you can"
  • "i report this game"