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Justmemekid is a minor character who was supposedly the main focus of Roblox noob thought this was a real girl... and is first shown calling an npc hot. Than he started wanting a child. they also decide to make their avatar have a similar appearance to Selever.

Debut Appearance[]

they first were talking to the npc about how hot they were than the were shown asking for children for some reason and when they do get their hands on the child they throw the child down the stairs and when the child askes for milk he drops the child in the ocean. Later on they jumped over the car without warning the child an thus the child hit the car and was fine.



"i said baby"




"Here milk"

"oh you look hot"


  • They were probably seeing the child they got as a pet to ignore
  • They can not take care of a baby
  • For some reason they saw the npc as a real person at the first time they saw it and when Albert moved it in the house
  • they seems slightly smarter than most noobs then again they thought an npc was a real player
  • Their latest avatar takes a more feminine appearance which means they were probably 1. rping as selever or 2. a different person like a sister of sorts has the account


Justmemekid's roblox profile