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“do you would a kids”

- JustinaLay to his wife, favoritegamer21.


JustinaLay was a Roblox user who was featured in the video Roblox noobs loved me, their baby… then I exploded. He is the father of Jenny(Albert) and the husband(or boyfriend) of favoritegamer21. Not much is known about his behavior since all he mostly does in the video is try to get Jenny into the stroller, drive a boat, and hold a heart. He doesn’t speak much either, so he would be considered a very mysterious character on the Flamingo channel.


  • Justina’s actual avatar never had the accessories he did in the video, along with favoritegamer21. His actual avatar is the classic bacon avatar, while favorite’s actual avatar is the acorn hair avatar.
  • Justina is favorite’s only friend on her friend list.
  • The last time Justina was online was on 7/3/2020, which was exactly one month right after his account was created.