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"GIVE OIL" -Junkbot

"Oil or Boil! -Junkbot
Junkbot is a free RTHRO Bundle provided by Roblox often used by new players. Albert did not like the Junkbot package, and so he created "Junkbot Week". On this week, Albert and all of his fans would change their avatar to the Junkbot package, reciting phrases like "GIVE OIL" and "OIL OR BOIL". Two raids would happen during Junkbot Week (with the game's owners permission), one in the week's beginning and would see the raid of Life in Paradise, and one of Da Hood on the week's end, it and the Lil Nas X concert event that happened only an hour apart would break many ROBLOX servers, as well as causing the avatar editor to stop working.

Junkbot Week[]

On November 10, 2020, Albert released a video titled ROBLOX JUNKBOT which he announced the start of "Junkbot Week" which would span the entire week of November 9(or 10), 2020. The event was made to give Albert a positive connotation to the bundle rather than associating it with "disgusting noobs". He requests everyone to dress like "this putrid disgusting robot" and soon enough Junkbots flooded the servers demanding oil and making metal noises. In Life In Paradise Albert uses admin to give the Junkbots guns and encourages players to hunt down non-Junkbots. As a result, about 1000 Life in Paradise players were dressed as Junkbot and those who didn't were vowed to be boiled.

He creates a base for the Junkbots titled "DRESS LIKE A junkbot and COME HERE" in which about 1100 players dressed as Junkbot join.

In this video he mentions a potential raid.


Eventually Albert announced the raid changing the Junkbot base to "JUNKBOT LOBBY AT 11/14 3PM EST," scheduling the raid one hour before the Lil Nas X concert event. After announcing the raid on twitter one hour before, over 240,000 players showed up at the base. They proceeded to wreak havoc on "Da Hood," the teleport from the base to the game resulted in incredible lag and it marked the record as the most biggest teleport in Roblox history. Albert captured the highlights in a video titled We raided Roblox with over 200,000 people... which reached the trending page for gaming (however this is common for his videos').

The live junkbot raid, along with the Lil Nas X and the RB Battles event combined broke Roblox and caused the avatar editor to stop working for a short period of time. Developers claimed to have difficulty publishing games at the time and nobody still know who exactly broke Roblox, because the people that were working on the Lil Nas X Concert teleported everyone to one single server to make the event, Albert teleported all the 200K players to Da Hood. With RB Battles running with around 16K players at the time, the raid had broke roblox for a period of time.

Physical Appearance[]

Junkbot's have a round head, a helmet that slightly resembles a mohawk. They also have multiple robotic part, in the torso, legs, and arms, but the metal is very low quality, which is the reason they are called "Junkbots". Although this was the average design for the Junkbot, some people added comical accessories, to stand out among the other Junkbots during the raid.


"Give oil"

"Oil or boil"

"*metal noises*"