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Julius Cole (formerly known on YouTube as Julius Cole Roblox Hater) is a YouTuber who primarily targets Albert to make people mad at him.


Julius Cole has been hated ever since 2013 where he copied games in Roblox like "Town of Robloxia" where he used the bait and switch scam system. For those who don't know, the bait and switch scam was a scam used to bait unsuspecting people into playing their game thinking they'll get what is from the title or thumbnail but end up getting little to nothing. His account eventually got terminated and has gone on a hating spree with his videos ranting Roblox and Roblox YouTubers


His first notorious attack on Roblox is for making fun of Erik Cassel who died due to a battle with cancer. In a now deleted video called THE ANGRIEST PERSON in ROBLOX!, Albert talks about Julius Cole and how he hates Roblox and its users and they want them to "get cancer and die." Julius Cole eventually responded back with a video. Albert kept mentioning Julius in his videos and made a disstrack on him and Roblox. Also made an amazing disstrack, "Got a new logo but it looks like a cheezit fans cursing on yo live but you didnt see it got banned talking bout warts on my penis, obese but im cute and im built like venus yea ur getting views but ur looking at them dislikes, run op me imma show u what my dick tastes like... im not gay... i think fighting ur teddy bear then u broke ur camera shortly after u woke up ur nana"