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He has so many talents!
  —Albert as Juju turned pink  


Limited information was available about Juju, given the brevity of his talk show appearance.

Juju, a bacon character, served as the third guest featured on the Island Life Show After being teleported onto Albert's show, he was queried by Albert regarding his presidential vote. However, Juju chose not to respond, undergoing a transformation into a baby and acquiring a pink hue. Despite the audience being impressed by his skills, the talk show abruptly concluded when Albert conveyed to Juju that he was departing for heaven, ultimately leading to Juju's demise.


Juju is a typical "bacon," as all Bacons sport the Pal Hair. This simple yet recognizable hairstyle features a short design, with strands falling around his head. The strand of hair resembles strips of bacon, earning it the affectionate nickname. Juju's attire has a black unbuttoned flannel t-shirt with a french blue sleeveless shirt, jungle green jeans, and black and white shoes.

In his true form, which is smaller, he transforms into a baby that crawls. He briefly turns pink but reverts to white shortly thereafter.


  • He never spoke.
  • He looks exactly like a bacon but when he transforms into his true form is a tiny, beautiful baby that crawls.
  • He either was born with the power to shape-shift or acquired it later by unknown means.
  • The day in which he was featured in Albert's video was his very first day in Roblox, according to the account's creation date.
  • He is among the least intelligent people Albert has ever met.
Juju mid
Juju form
Juju pink