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jrooplo29999 is an account Albert used in the video, I made a Roblox TYCOON... and trolled everyone who played.., where he used the account to make a game called FREE SUPERHERO TYCOON.


In early 2020, Albert created the account jrooplo29999 for the purpose of making a superhero tycoon game to troll people on. Albert made the game and called it FREE SUPERHERO TYCOON, Albert put 20,000 Robux worth of advertising in the game (13,000 Robux worth for desktop users, 4,000 for tablet users and 3,000 for phone users).

After putting up the advertisements of the game, Albert had jrooplo give admin commands to coolfriend8928, another account made by Albert so he could troll people undercover.

After the video, it is presumed that Albert never used jrooplo again but Albert also still has jrooplo's game up.


  • Jrooplo's game is still not banned by Roblox and is still popular, being one of the rare Flamingo accounts to be able to do so. Some other accounts that had this ability being SalonEpic2003drewiscool7722 and CoolRobloxQuizes.