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"I will destroy Bloxburg."
— John Heckerson

John Heckerson (born February 17, 1987), is a fictitious character created by Albert Aretz. He made his debut appearance in the video I became the PRESIDENT OF BLOXBURG. He is a Robloxian Bloxburger statesman who served as the President of Bloxburg from July 2019 to June 2020.


Hecker's appearance is that of a 3.0 with a light skin tone. He has black Beautiful hairs For Beautiful People as well as a Shiny Teeth face. He is usually dressed in dark business attire.


Albert created this account on June 19th, 2019. He was created to run against other candidates for the title and office of President of Bloxburg. Prevailing in the 2019 Bloxburger Presidential Election in a landslide, with votes of 34 - 0. Heckerson would subsequently return in the video As Bloxburg president, I forced people to follow MY RULES, constructing a podium for people to attend his speeches and rallies. In June 2020, John Heckerson would announce that Temprist would be appointed as his legal successor, shortly afterwards resigning officially from his position, stepping down as President of Bloxburg marking an end for his Administration.

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  • John Heckerson is 35 years old.
  • His presidency merely lasted eleven months.
  • John Heckerson's pet cat owns a Roblox account.
  • Heckerson tried on numerous occasions to put down his cat due to multiple diseases he carried.