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Jimin999111 is an account used by Albert in the video You can do awful things in this Roblox town, where she kills several people in the game, Anomic.


Albert created Jimin and joined the game, Anomic and gets a van which she uses to run over several people. Later, Jimin encounters a car dealer known as "Better" who she tries buys a very fast car known as the supercar from but is hit and killed by a police car before he can secure the deal. Jimin returns with a gun she purchased and kills a police officer named fiko5 and kills three more officers that come as backup. Jimin buys the supercar, paints it red and drives away from fiko however, Jimin decides to try and kill fiko but fiko ends up stealing Jimin's car instead and drives off. Jimin returns to Better, who is instantly killed by an unknown person, Jimin kills a paramedic named devon_wasbanned. Jimin buys another supercar which was painted yellow and peruses fiko. Jimin shoots the supercar fiko stole which blows up, killing Jimin, fiko and most likely several bystanders. Jimin drives off in her yellow supercar but is perused by three police officers who she easily kills in the dessert with an AR. Jimin drives off in her supercar while also being chased by police officers.

Jimin manages to get a house and hides in there but can't place furniture due to being wanted and runs off in the town. Jimin gets to a jail where he kills the police officer guarding it and attempts to break out the person in the cell but ends up giving up. Jimin runs from the police and eventually losses them while in an alley, Jimin kills a police officer while in hiding and breaks into a gun store through the back door. Jimin ends up wandering around in the town's street where she is ran over and killed by a paramedic.

Albert joins a new server as Jimin where he reveals that he got the creator Anomic to give Jimin one million dollars so he opened up a gun store which sells guns for free. Jimin traps a police officer named familiasaad2 in the gun store which she renames to the "Idiot Jail". Jimin kills a police officer by the street and returns to the Idiot Jail to see familiasaad and jumps on a taxi car while it's still going to escape the police. Jimin goes to a gas station where he shoots a police car which explodes, killing a police officer and two others. Jimin kills a police officer and checks on familiasaad where she is shot to death by the officer she killed. Jimin returns in a green car where she runs over several people, killing one police officer and goes into the Idiot Jail after familiasaad disappeared. Jimin tries to steal a persons car but is caught by a police officer. While innocent Jimin is caught trying to hijack a police car where she kills two police officers and is killed as a result.

Albert goes into another server as Jimin and gives a player named DogeLOVER31248 a gun and some ammo and promise to give more to DogLOVER if he killed a police officer named XxTommyTheKingxX which DogeLOVER does. Jimin is gunned down by a police officer which enrages her so she spawn-kills the police officer for an unknown amount of time.


  • Jimin is named after a member of BTS.