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“no won go near me for a little bit” - Jesseboy112onperk before tasing someone


Jesseboy112onperk has brown, short swept up charming hair and black and yellow glasses. He has a sparkling smile, which is the Shiny Teeth face. He has a purple sweater with a Beanos icon on it, infront of a white circle. He has cyan adidas shoes and neon green, black, and possibly neon orange pants.


He was Shown in I used Roblox ADMIN to trap people in an ENDLESS LOOP... and was first seen tazing scarygonzLO GAMER.


Due to his one quote, he may be seen as dominant and frustrated. We don’t know what caused him to say he doesn’t want anybody near him, but shortly after that he tases a man. He may be seen as aggressive and impatient due to this.


  • He started tasing random people possibly to take out his anger.
  • He Tased ScaryGonzaloGamer.


"no won go near me for a little bit" *Starts Tasing Someone*