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Not to be confused with Jenna.

Jenny is a character created by Popcornlady1238 that made her debut on the original Su tart story. She was also adapted into the Animated Su tart Movie by the Meme Productions group. She is really nice to su tart and his only friend.


Jenny is very friendly and nice to Su tart and defends him when Katie bullies him and calls him names. In the movie, like Katie she is violent and fights her to make her stop.


Roblox's most trash sad stories :'( NOT Cddddd[]

Jena tries her best to try to convince Katie to stop bullying Su tart and helps Su tart when he gets bullied. After Su tart gets a death threat on his locker, She tells the School Principal, putting Katie in trouble.


In an Animated Movie, after Su tart enters school, Katie bullies him and Jena tells her to stop, but Jena throws a giant ball at Su tart. Jena then starts Violently fighting Katie, forcing her to apologize to Su tart.