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This is a sad story character. If you were looking for the main antagonist of a survival game, see The Jeff The Killer.

Jeff the Killer, formerly just Jeff, is the main character of the Jeff the Killer story in Roblox story made me cry... :/ 😢😭.


Jeff the Killer has a white jacket, black pants, and white shoes. He has pitch-white skin and black hair. His mouth is cut into a smile, and his eyelids are removed.


Jeff goes to a party, and sees a Short Kid, a Tall Kid, and a Medium Kid, whom Jeff supposedly injured before in an event his family simply calls "The Incident". At that time, Jeff's mom took the blame for injuring them and was sent to an insane asylum for three months. Now, the kids want revenge for what Jeff did. They attack him, but the Short Kid and Tall Kid are killed quickly. The Medium Kid chases Jeff into a house, where the two fight on the ground. The Medium Kid manages to knock Jeff out by pouring boiling water on his eyes.

Jeff goes to the hospital, where his family sees his burnt face, which became incredibly pale. The Medium Kid was arrested for the group's attack on Jeff. When Jeff gets home, he apparently fully goes insane as he cuts his face to the way it currently is. His mother walks in, and Jeff asks if she thinks he looks good with his lips and eyelids removed. The mom says yes and runs away, telling Jeff's dad that Jeff has gone insane and to call the cops. Jeff murders his parents before they can, and he murders Liu while he is asleep.