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'coward!' Oh yeah, look at that now you're dead!
  —Jasmine after defeating lizing in a sword fight.  



(Warning video contains profanity and obscene language!)

Jasmine decides to enter the Roblox talent show, she shows her talents to the judges; making her poop look like jimmy neutron's hair, and her urine smelling like peanut butter. She later completes the task of the talent show's most difficult obby, leading her to the rather empty winners' section, after that she decides to become a judge for the show.


Avatar seen in video:[]

Jasmine is wearing the grey striped shirt with denim jacket with pink jeans and a black ponytail. she is wearing the default face and the woman package. she has a blue-purple left leg.

After temporary ban/warning[]

Her avatar package is the blocky avatar with both woman legs and a purple-blue left leg she is also wearing the black ponytail hair.

In June of 2023 the new Roblox update caused her avatar to change, despite her still not being online for 6 years, the change consists of adding the new dynamic face to her avatar and giving her the purple default Roblox outfit.

June 2023[]

As of June 2023 she now is wearing the purple Roblox default outfit along with a dynamic face, the cause of this change was a Roblox update rolled out in June of 2023 where many Roblox accounts (including inactive ones,) were made to wear one of the dynamic heads, Roblox applied this update to jasmine, the change of her avatar caused it to refresh; making her wear the default outfit which is put on a Roblox avatar when it's not wearing any clothes.


After another Roblox update regarding dynamic heads, her face is now a smile instead of a blank stare. Due to a Roblox glitch setting all accounts that haven't logged in for over 2 months setting the last online to '2 months' her last online date has been reset; however, she hasn't logged in since 2016-2017.


  • Her bio has been content deleted; it is currently unknown what it said before. The reason for the change was most likely something inappropriate written in her bio, causing a warning/temporary ban, also causing for the avatar to change, despite it not being inappropriate in any way. It is unknown when this ban/warning occurred.
  • Due to a Roblox glitch occurring in November of 2023, all accounts that hadn't logged in for over 2 months had their last online date set to '2 months'. Her last online date has been reset; however, she hasn't logged in since 2016-2017.