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Not to be confused with the audience member.

Janet was the Girlfriend of AMAR before going for Alex. She appeared in the Island Life Show.


In the video, Janet was snooping around with her (now ex) boyfriend AMAR. Both of them were killed many times by Albert for interrupting the show during which she said "i need a boy" which meant she was going to cheat on AMAR. Later when Alex came around, it was revealed that he was Blueface's brother a.k.a. Bule Face. After Alex revealed that he was Bule Face, he told everyone how to he gets girls. After this Alex stole Janet from AMAR. Janet went immediately for Alex without hesitation showing how unloyal she was for AMAR. A minute later, Alex broke up with Janet saying that you cannot trust any girl. At this point AMAR was changing his shirt and was waiting for the perfect time to reveal his secret. Albert gave Alex the honour of killing Janet to which Alex complied to. After he killed Janet and was thanked for being on the show, Alex left the game. then AMAR revealed that he was the real Blue Face. The audience was in shock and Albert asked Janet if she takes AMAR back. She replied with "no". Her username was never revealed.


She looked to be a gold digger. She was really unloyal towards AMAR as she was looking for a boyfriend during their relationship. Alex helped AMAR in a way by exposing Janet but the audience took him as a traitor.


Her username is unknown

There was also a person called lenold who impersonated Janet, but later changed his name to NOT JANET. Because Albert told Alex to kill The real Janet.



"i need a boy"