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Janzen Madsen (known online as Jandel) is a game developer who has helped Albert on Survive Albert.


Jandel is a game creator who got popular after his game, "Floppy Fighters," which has over 17 miillion visits at the time. Cleetus appears in the game as one of the skins you can choose. Jandel's next big hit was Time Travel Adventures, a camping game where you go through time with a character named Tim where you collect gems to make "green energy." Albert has played this game in some videos on the Flamingo channel.

Survive Albert[]

Jandel has helped Albert make the game Survive Albert, which was revealed in The Albert/Flamingo ROBLOX GAME. It has gotten 14.7 million visits as of April 30 2023


  • The person who made this page has tested Time Travel Adventures and made some names.
  • He is related to Rdite, a friend of Real_KingBob
  • He is ranked "developer” in The Flamingo Fan Club.
  • He has a YouTube channel with over 10k subscribers.
  • His game Bed Wars was featured in a Roblox Event.
  • He has a group called “Captain Grumpy Games”