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James Swire also known as Jameskii is a well-known YouTuber who makes VRChat videos and the Ruining Roblox series.


Jameskii is a YouTuber with over 1 Million subscribers. He is known for making his VRChat in a nutshell, Ruining Roblox Videos, and Banned From Garry's Mod series. Although not appearing on Albert's channel, Albert has appeared on his channel in the first Ruining Roblox episode when he was on Alberts. Albert is also mentioned in "Roblox Flamingo" for the inspiration for his avatar in Robloxian Highschool.


  • James has not made an appearance on Albert's channel.
  • James' avatar is named "Roblox Dude".
  • Roblox Dude's right leg is black due to it being burnt. The reason behind it was because Jameskii was roasted in Roblox Rap Battle.
  • Albert appears in "JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX"
  • James has three channels. These channels are "Jameskii", "James", and "James Prime".
  • James dislocated his finger while playing Gorilla Tag.
  • He once bought a $1,000 frog rug on stream.
  • James has streamed twice on YouTube.
  • There are a total of 10 "Jameskii Ruins Roblox" games.
  • In "JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX 3", Roblox Dude's clothing was given a price.
    • GUCCI Ducky Hat - $9,500
    • Ray-Ban Shades - $270
    • SUPREME Shorts - $850
    • Stone Island Sandals - $3,200
    • Cheeky Smile - Priceless
  • James claims to be family friendly as a joke.
  • He likes flamingos and toucans.
  • James prefers baguettes over croissants.


  • "Missing sky. Missing models. Missing textures. And ****** microphones. Welcome to GMod, boys and girls." (BANNED FROM Garry's Mod)
    • (Introduction to the "BANNED FROM Garry's Mod" series)
  • "Jimmy, you're kidnapped." (BANNED FROM Garry's Mod)
    • (James and another person kidnaps a player by the of "jimmy neutron" without telling him).
  • "To all people who voted for Roblox. Thanks, I hate you" (JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX)
    • (Introduction to the "JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX" series after Roblox had won a Twitter poll he had made).
  • "Get a life, Albert. Get a life." (JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX)
    • (James after losing a duel between him and Albert).
  • "Can I play as John Cena on this game?" (JAMESKII RUINS ROBLOX)
    • (James asks Albert if he could play as John Cena just to be mocked by Albert).
  • "This feels like a Family Guy episode, just a... "This reminds me of that one time I was stuck with Johnny Bravo in the 19th century in Napoleonic era warfare, fighting alongside Among Us and uh... Jameskii Drip." (I Played Roblox History Games)
    • (Johnny Bravo arrives which made him feel as if it were a Family Guy episode).
  • "Wait, there's a Christian father!" (I Played Roblox History Games)
    • (James arrives to the Church just to find a Christian father and an organ).
  • "We have the other Founding Fathers here..." (Accurate Roblox History)
    • (James refers to the players ephres, DomExists, and EagerSuperbutter as the Founding Fathers).
  • "Oh no! One of the Founding Fathers is dead." (Accurate Roblox History)
    • (DomExists gets shot and killed by a British soldier).