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James debuted in the I used ADMIN to tell people their FUTURES... then made them come true video.


In the video albert became a fortune teller and told people their futures as the title suggests. James was the first person to take the offer. Albert told him that a bus is going to hit him causing his death and told James to also be careful. James said in a mocking way "Yeah yeah im gonna get hit by a bus". Albert started laughing as he made himself invisible and spawned a bus model which made a very loud beeping noise. He then started going around the map looking for James and ran him over a couple of times which was killing him. His last sighting was when Albert tried hitting a pet. James ran into the bus killing himself. Albert then presumably switched servers to troll more unsuspecting people. James was never seen again after that and his username remains unknown.


He seems to be a very skeptical person judging by his response to Albert when he was told that he'd be hit by a bus. Not much is known about him.