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"I Don’t Know if you guys could hear that maybe Adam can boost the audio like, from the camera or something but something really loud and heavy just hit my house, gimme 1 second to see what that was."
  —Albert seconds after killing Jake and heard a thump outside his house.  

Jake (Username remains unknown) was a person seen in I used Roblox ADMIN To make a terrible store….


Jake is a male with blonde spikey hair and has galaxy adidas, green and black adidas leggings, black wings, skeptic face, with 2 katanas on his back. However, judging by the nature of typical roleplay games, it is more likely that this isn't his true avatar.


Jake can be seen in the video riding his bike, When Albert was creating Diemart, Jake walked up to him. Albert found this annoying, because he didn't respond and wouldn't leave, so Albert killed Jake, then after that, Albert heard a bang on the roof. It is presumably unknown what that was, it could probably be Jake trying to break into his house in real life, but that is extremely unlikely and rather a coincidence.


  • Due to Jake changing his username and having a different avatar, his account name or status are currently unknown.
  • The fact that he didn't appear in the video after Albert killed him and heard a thump grew many concerns but Jake himself also became a meme within the community due to his appearance in the video and the thump.